Christobel Patchwork

Contemporary Patchwork Designer

Christobel's Homemade Patchwork Throws & Bunting

These are all the sold Patchwork Throws - there are the normal fabric squared large, medium and small, as well as the fabric strip styled throws (which vary in size).

Some have been commissions and so specifically designed at the buyers request. Some have been designed to go on the backseat of classic cars as well as picnic blankets, whilst being shown at classic car shows. One was made for a 1970's orange/yellow VW campervan that was being preserved/restored in all it's original colours. Another has been designed to go in a Victorian themed room, and others have been bought for being on board boats, caravans, mobile homes, and another to complement crochet cushions. Other throws have been sold as the buyer's wanted them for therapeutic reasons to envoke calm and reduce stress, as they suffer anxiety. Others have been bought for birthdays, wedding anniversaries and as wedding presents.

The throws are unique and made from new and vintage fabrics.

Ideal for putting over the back of a sofa, on the top of a bed, or as a summer and picnic throw/rug/blanket.

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